Thermal Imaging

One of the things that set AM/PM apart from other vendors is that we have a specialized moisture detection tool called a thermal imaging camera.

This camera allows us to detect water that has seeped into hidden areas not visible to the human eye, including:
• Ceilings
• Light Fixtures
• Crawl Spaces
• Heat Vents
• Insulation
• Sub-floors
• Elevator Shaft

This technology can detect moisture that is trapped in drywall, wood, cement and just about any structural material that does not have a reflective surface.

Thermal imaging technology is invaluable to the restoration of any building because if all of the moisture is not detected and dried immediately, these saturated areas could develop microbial growth and incur structural degradation.

This tool is especially beneficial in commercial buildings whose infrastructure is metal, where water can travel long distances between floors, far from the original leak. In addition, this moisture detection method is non-destructive and can save thousands of dollars spent on unnecessary demolition and later reconstruction in search of leaks in a building.

Proof That The Repairs Were Done Right

When repairs have been completed, AM/PM will provide all you need to prove that the fix was successful. Thermographic records can be used as documentation for contractors, managers, owners, and insurance companies. They can provide evidence of moisture intrusion or catastrophic water damage for insurance company investigations; diagnostic information for repair purposes; and proof that a building has been “dried out” properly, that may be required for insurance claim settlement. You get a dry building, and everyone gets piece of mind.

The images below depict water damage that could have been missed without the use of a thermal imaging camera.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

"My company has been working with AMPM Restoration for over 13 years. Our relationship is based on mutual trust and respect. AMPM has always followed through on their promises. I have witnessed first hand how AMPM Restoration treats their costumers. They truly care for their customers and provide an excellent service. We have had an excellent working relationship and hope to continue for many years to come."
Brian Olsen
From Phoenix, AZ
"Coming home to a pipe burst and a large water leak after a long day was very frustrating. The water leak had damaged my wood floors and all the drywall in the area. I used AM/PM Restoration Services to get my house back to its original condition. They were extremely helpful and attentive from beginning to end. All their staff was very pleasant to work with and they got the job done quickly and affordably.."
Dan Shtutman
From Phoenix, AZ
"After surveying a half dozen recovery services to address water and mold damage due to a faulty water heater. I decided to go with AM/PM Restoration. They were prompt to inspect the site and provide a competitive estimate. They communicated well, outlined the process, started on time, and completed the job quickly. They were also willing to work with my special requests. They followed up in the days afterwards to make sure everything was satisfactory. In summary, would use them again for damage recovery (though I hope this is not for a long time!)."
Jan Hoppers
From Phoenix, AZ
"We had a valve break in our bathroom. Waking up to 5” of water. I called AMPM and they were right there. They came in and knew just what to do. We didn’t have to worry about anything they handled I️t from beginning to end. They helped with assisting us with our insurance company and took lots of photos. Their technicians were very knowledgeable , respectful, and understanding. This is huge when your world has been turned upside down. Thanks Guys"
Tanya Ives
From Phoenix, AZ